Magic Potion

 In the story " The Little Mermaid,"  Ariel wants to become human.  She asks the Seawitch for a magic potion to transform her. The Seawitch agrees but for a steep price.  She must exchange her voice for the potion.Very often we desire something but do not realize what it will require to manifest that wish.  We must change.  Transforming our world often requires sacrifice.  We must release something before we can receive.  In this image, the cup contains magic potential.  What do you need to release or sacrifice in order to have your wish?  Old patterns?  Behaviors that do not represent your new ideal?  People or situations that hold you back?  Tune in to what your transformation will require of you.  Visualize what it looks and feels like to become a person who experiences what you hope for.   Decide if it is worth the cost.  copyright 2012 Nicole Feltovic

Good Vibrations

The sun is connecting to the pyramid. The fleur de lis on top of the pyramid is like an antenna... receiving and broadcasting messages. 
The message today is to be aware of the messages you are broadcasting to the world. People tune into the frequency of other peoples emotions and thoughts and respond to them. So if you are feeling angry or thinking negatively, people will often react to the vibration you are emitting. They may react defensively toward you or they may react aggressively. Most of us long for harmony, but do not take responsibility for centering ourselves. When we react blindly to the messages and vibes that others put out, we create more chaos and strife. However, if we take the frustrations, delays and aggravations of the world as a sign that we are out of alignment, we can stop and re-align ourselves. We can make new choices. We can detach from negative, angry people. We can step away from the TV, computer and phone. We can go for a walk, meditate, breathe, paint, dance, do yoga, listen to beautiful music....Today be aware of what your environment is telling you and what you are telling your environment...  


Marigold is the daughter of King Midas. King Midas was granted his wish that everything he touch would be turned into gold. 
He was very excited at first. But then when he got hungry and couldn't put any food into his mouth without it turning in to gold he was less enthusiastic. Gradually it became clear that it was more of a curse than a gift. 
His daughter, saddened that she could no longer smell her favorite roses in the garden, because they were now gold, ran to him. When he reached out to comfort her she became a golden statue. He then finally begged that this "gift" be taken away. He was told to get sacred water from a well and pour it on her. She changed back into a living, breathing human once again.
When this card shows up in a reading, pay attention to what is truly valuable. Gold has its place, but it can't replace Love.
Copyright 2014 Nicole Feltovic  

The White Rabbit

Slow Down
The White Rabbit rushes off in a panic. Alice, curious, follows him down the rabbit hole. 
In this image, the rabbit holds a watch outside the rabbit hole, as Alice descends behind him.
The rabbit hole looks like a portal and the watch is outside it. Time is suspended on Alice's journey to Wonderland. 
If you have been rushing around and spinning your wheels, its time to stop. Be present. Slow down.

copyright 2014 nicole feltovic  

The Tornado

The Tornado
Stay Centered
When the Tornado comes for Dorothy she must stay in the center of the storm or be destroyed. The colors of the rainbow connect to her light, bringing new vision to life. At the top of the painting there are hieroglyphics which translate into "I have made myself whole, sound and beautiful." 
When we remember to bring love and light to dark places, we transform them. We can bring color, sound and beauty to the darkness and chaos. We are willing to say "I don't know" but God does. Help me to see as God sees. Then we can stay centered in Love and Trust. 
When this card shows up big changes are in the air. Try to remain centered in Love rather than fear.  copyright 2012 Nicole Feltovic


Forgiveness creates freedom. When we refuse to forgive we are in a holding pattern. Resentment and bitterness create more resentment and bitterness. We not only imprison those who hurt us. We imprison the innocent and naive part of ourself. It affects everyone we come in contact with. The logical mind believes we must hold this pattern in order to not be hurt again. That only dooms us to create the same thing over and over. We all have an inner Judge. The Judge can help us make good choices, but if not balanced with compassion, he can become a tyrant.
True forgiveness allows you to be free to make new choices with love. You can be loving and discerning at the same time. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but yourself can free your mind." copyright 2012 Nicole Feltovic 

Mirror Mirror

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the Evil Queen wants to destroy her step-daughter.  Here you see her shadow reflected back to her through her Magic Mirror.  The Queen asks, "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"   The shadow aspect of the queen is deeply insecure.  She has made the connection that beauty is power.  Unfortunately she believes that this is all she has.  She sees Snow White's beauty begin to blossom more and more.  Envy begins to eat away at her.  She wants to destroy anything that she perceives to threaten her power.  This card relays the message of the Shadow.  Insecurities can often grow if they are not addressed.  We are all beautiful and unique in God's eyes.  The message of this card is that either you or someone close to you is feeling insecure.  In order to heal this insecurity, look at it.  Pray for help in seeing your own unique beauty and gifts.  We are all god's children, and that makes us all Divine beings in our own right.  Look for Beauty in yourself.  Look for Beauty in the people around you.  In our culture there is not enough of that.  The media sets us all up to feel like we are not enough, not attractive enough, not rich enough, not thin enough.  You will get more of what you focus on and look for.  

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is smiling.  So is the Cheshire Cat.  It's a sunny day and everything seems peaceful and relaxed.  Wonderland is often confusing, crazy and hectic, kind of like our world when we allow stress to take over.  The caterpillar is in the background and the Hatter is wearing a butterfly tie.  The caterpillar asks the question " who are you?"  Transformation happens and the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  The caterpillar's destiny is to become a butterfly.  He must go within and ask himself, "who are you?"  Beautiful transformation occurs when we tune into our own soul.  Stressing and trying to make things happen only causes more stress.  The message of this card is allowing.  Allowing yourself to be true to your own nature.  Accept yourself.  Be at peace with yourself and your world.  You are growing and learning whether you realize it or not.  copyright 2014 Nicole Feltovic